CEMAR Hall of Fame


Gina Filleramo received the A.R.A. Taylor Graduate Fellowship from UNB.

Katy Hind was this year's Let's Talk Science National Coordinator of the Year Award runner up.

Sarah Hamsher won the Paul C. Silva Student Travel Grant from the International Phycological Society and a travel award from the International Society for Diatom Research to attend the 21st International Diatom Symposium.

Amanda Savoie was awarded the NSERC Alexander Graham Bell Canada Graduate Scholarship and Board of Governors Merit Award for Graduate Studies.


Gary Saunders - UNB Merit Award

Bridgette Clarkston won a $1000 Phycological Society of America Hoshaw award to travel to the P.S.A. annual meeting in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Susan Clayden won the Northeast Algal Society (NEAS) Robert T. Wilce Award for the meritorious poster by a graduate student at the meeting in Amherst, MA and the Phycological Society of America (PSA) student poster award at the meeting in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Katy Hind won the Hoshaw Travel Award from the Phycological Society of America ($1000), the John S. Little International Study Fellowship ($1900), and the City of Fredericton - Ambassador Award ($100).


Bridgette Clarkston won the Robert T. Wilce Award for best oral paper presentation at the Northeast Algal Society meeting.

Susan Clayden received a British Phycological Society (BPS) student bursary to attend a marine field course ‘Collecting and Identifying Seaweeds’ in Wales.

Katy Hind won the Canadian Society for Ecology and Evolution Student Poster Award - 2nd Place ($300), the BioGENESIS Evolutionary Applications Poster Award (Honorable Mention), the UNB Biology Teaching Assistant of the Year ($200), and the Florence M. Christie Research Fellowship in Botany ($1000).

Hana Kucera won the Graduate Student Award of Merit from the Senior Women Academic Administrators of Canada ($2500).


Gary Saunders received the Frank Shipley Collins Award: meritorious service to the Society and Phycology, presented by the Northeast Algal Society at the 46th annual meeting in Narragansett, RI.

Susan Clayden won honorable mention for her poster at the Phycological Society of America (PSA) meeting in Providence, Rhode Island.

Dan McDevit received the A.R.A. Taylor Graduate Fellowship from UNB.

Hana Kucera won the Canadian Barcode of Life Science Symposium Student Poster Award ($250), the Board of Governors Merit Award from UNB ($4000), and a Doctoral Level (PGS-D) NSERC scholoarship worth $42,000.


Susan Clayden received the John S. Little International Fellowship to attend the  ‘Young Systematists’ Forum, Natural History Museum, London.

Dan McDevit won the Robert T. Wilce Award for best poster at the Northeastern Algal Symposium for his poster entitled "Assessing species richness and phylogenetic relationships of the brown algal (Phaeophyceae) flora of Canada".

Hana Kucera received the A.R.A. Taylor Graduate Fellowship and the Vaughan Graduate Fellowship in Marine Sciences from UNB.


Susan Clayden’s talk at the University of New Brunswick Graduate Student Conference was awarded 3rd place in the life and physical sciences.

Dr. Chris Lane received the Governor General's Gold Award for this dissertation research 'Molecular investigations in the brown algal order Laminariales.'

Hana Kucera received the Board of Governors Merit Award from UNB ($2500).


Susan Clayden received a “Friends of the Farlow Fellowship” Farlow Herbarium, Harvard University to visit the collections and to assist with field work in New England.

Hana Kucera received an Masters Level (CGS) NSERC scholarship worth $35,000.


Gary Saunders - E.W.R. Steacie Award (NSERC) 

Clayden, S.L., & Saunders G.W. Wilce Award for best Student Poster, 42nd Northeast Algal Symposium. Saratoga Springs, NY. 2003. Rhodochorton membranaceum, an endozoic acrochaete having affinities with the Palmariales.


April 22, 2002 - Colin Bates (Saunders/Chopin) received the Robert T. Wilce Award, for best graduate student oral presentation at the 41st Northeast Algal Symposium, for his presentation entitled “Optimizing methodologies in intertidal seaweed biomonitoring - how to get the
biggest bang for your phycological buck”.

March 12, 2002 - Colin Bates received an NSERC PGS-B scholarship, worth $38,200, which he will take up at UBC, starting September, 2002.

Feb 22, 2002 - CEMAR members Penny Humby and Colin Bates won awards at the 10th Annual UNB Graduate Student Research Conference. Penny took the Merrill Edwards award (first place) and Colin tied for 2nd place in the graduate student oral presentation category. 


Colin Bates - Vaughan Graduate Research Scholarship

Several graduate students from Gary Saunders' lab won awards at the 15th Annual Northwest Algal Symposium in Whidbey Island, Wash.

Chris Lane won the Best Student Presentation Award for his work, Using Additional Gene Systems to Understand Kelp Evolution, coauthored by Charlene Mayes and Dr. Saunders.

Virginia Lehmkuhl won the Best Student Poster Award for a poster entitled Morphological Diversity & Molecular Relatedness of the Species of the Red Algal Genus Plocamium, coauthored by Dr. Saunders.

Jennifer Dalen took home Second Place Student Poster Award honours for her poster presentation entitled Taxonomic Affinities of Species in the Genus Leptofauchea, coauthored by Dr. Saunders.

Colin Bates won the Second Place Student Presentation Award for an oral presentation entitled Monitoring Intertidal Seaweed Communities for Symptoms of Environmental Stress in the Outer Bay of Fundy. The presentation was coauthored by Dr. Saunders and Thierry Chopin (SJ).

Han-Gu Choi, a post-doctoral fellow, gave a poster presentation entitled Phylogenetic Relationships of Polysiphonia and its Relatives Based on Anatomical and Nuclear Small-subunit rDNA Sequence Data. The presentation was coauthored by M.S. Kim, Michael Guiry and Dr. Saunders.


Colin Bates - Huntsman Marine Science Centre Graduate Research Scholarship

Jenn Dalen - Best Poster - 39th Northeast Algal Symposium, Rhode Island.

Chris Lane - NSF Graduate Fellowship Award - Honorable Mention 2000

Previous & Ongoing

CEMAR members have many distinctions. Please note the following.

Thierry Chopin:

Member of the Executive Council, and Treasurer, of the International Phycological Society.
Member of the Executive Committee of the Northeast Algal Society.
Member of the Board of Directors, and Treasurer, of the Aquaculture Association of Canada.
Member of the Board of Directors of the Coastal Zone Canada Association.
Advisor to the International Foundation for Science, Stockholm, Sweden.
Member of the Marine Biodiversity Monitoring Workgroup (EMAN, Environment Canada).
Member of the New Brunswick Human Resource Development and Training Committee.
Member of the Board of Directors of the Atlantic Coastal Action Programme ACAP-Saint John.
Member of the Steering Committee of the Bay of Fundy Ecosystem Partnership and Chair of the Working Group “Nutrification of Coastal Waters”.
Vice-Consul Honoraire de France.

Gary W. Saunders

Canada Research Chair in Molecular Systematics & Biodiversity
Director & Algal Curator, Connell Memorial Herbarium

Luigi Provasoli Award: outstanding paper in Journal of Phycology (1997) Darbaker Award: Phycology award from the Botanical  Society of America 
Australian Research Council Queen Elizabeth II Fellowship(declined 95) 
University of Melbourne Visiting Research Fellow Honorarium 1991 & 1992
Natural Sciences & Engineering Research Council Postdoctoral Fellowship  1991 - 1993